Monday, August 1, 2016

Cubs win...and lose.

Ok baseball fans: curious for your thoughts...

I was on vacation when the stunning news that the Cubs acquired Adrolis Chapman. I'm profoundly disappointed. I understand in baseball sense, but I'm one who also believes (perhaps by my nature as a Cubs fan) that winning isn't everything...and that winning the right way is important. Yes, I know nothing was proven, but at the very least, Chapman used the threat of violence to intimidate his girlfriend.

He's served a suspension. The players say they have no issue with him. Joe Maddon, a great manager, says of this "We've all been less than perfect."

That's not good enough for me...

I've watched the amazing highlights from last night's crazy comeback win more than once. I should be on a Cubs "cloud 9": and I was this morning. And yet now, I'm back to the reality that the Cubs management have not simply damaged my love of this team, but have in some ways trivialized the very real reality of abuse towards another human being.

Please, no silly stuff about "root for my team instead" or anything like that...or a "this is why I hate professional sports rant" (a valid opinion, but not where I am). I'd like your honest opinions about a game I've always have loved to watch...a team I have always rooted for...and a potential ride to the World Series that I should be loving, but now feel more than a bit shallow for caring so much.

(If you need a reference, here is Keith Law's ESPN article "Cubs pay a heavy price for Aroldis Chapman, on and off the field."  Law has been very consistent concerning baseball players and domestic abuse.)

ADDITIONAL THOUGHT:  Someone shared a Deadspin article about the incident.  If I had read this before, I'd likely have worded the "at the very least, Chapman used the threat of violence to intimidate his girlfriend" differently. I don't think it changes my overall opinion...