Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Guild is Growing: Now with the Virtual World's New Theme Song

The Guild is already is the #1 Web-based show, and now they've just released a new video in preparation for Season 3, called "Do you want to Date my Avatar."

("Avatar": a computer user's representation of himself/herself or alter ego in the virtual world.)

The video is now the #1 download on iTunes and, and broke the million view mark in two days.

What is amazing of all this is that it has been done without a major studio. The indie revolution. ("Indie": independence from major commercial labels and an autonomous, "do-it-yourself" approach to recording and publishing.)

Felicia Day is the "star" of all of this. She is often referred to as "the computer geek's dream girl": smart, talented, attractive, and a self professed nerd and a gamer herself . (Referring to the new video, she said, "Jed (Whedon) made the nerdiest people on the internet cool.") She first became really known in season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a continuing role as a "potential slayer." (For those unaware, any Buffy character has an instant following of sorts, thanks to the loyalty of the fans). She became web famous after starring in the Whedon's Dr. Horrible (alongside Neil Patrick Harris & Nathan Fillion), which is one of the best and most known examples of independent web films.

Instead of cashing in by focusing on landing television parts, Day turned her attention to independently writing and producing the web series The Guild on a shoestring budget, which is about a group of web gamers.

The web series and the new video are full of satire and irony about "safe" virtual world interactions that don't necessarily prepare people for the actual world. (Day admits to her own 2-year addiction to World of Warcraft). The characters of The Guild function seamlessly...until they all meet in real life: throwing both worlds into turmoil. We learn the truth that none of these people are actually functioning well in their real life, and we smile and laugh (a lot) at their awkward interactions.

The Guild is smart, humorous, and has plenty to say about real and virtual life. And people are noticing....

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