Monday, April 27, 2009

Home Buying Anxiety

Posting has been slow for a good reason...

For the first time in my life, I'm looking to buy a home. I'm been renting space for almost 20 years (my parents might suggest that I was "renting space" at their place even before that).

I am just amazed at how much anxiety goes into this process...even as things appear to go smoothly, every step feels like a potential landmine. The agents, bankers, and inspectors Darlene and I have worked with have been friendly and helpful, but I can't help but wonder what is lurking behind the next corner...

I attended a home buying class two Saturdays ago: run by the nonprofit AHEAD. I admit that I went for the money...most banks will give money back at closing for attending the class (the promise of free pizza sounded good too...those who know me are now shaking their heads...)

The truth is, I should have attended a class like this one years ago. I learned a great deal concerning things that I knew nothing about, and I also feel that I now get some of the things that went in and out of my head from the books I've read. Attending a class like this one (for home buying, financing, or preparing to sell) may not be the ideal way to spend a day, but it's really worth it.

The only bad thing is my anxiety is still pretty high...knowledge is a good thing, but knowing everything that could go wrong doesn't help calm ones nerves. Perhaps my anxiety will come down if we ever get to (and through) closing...then again, a whole new set of anxieties await with home ownership.


Mom and Dad, have you rented out my room yet???


Nan said...

I voted for the high anxiety, turned out fine. My home buying experience happened only once, and I was just a bit younger than you. We are still here 28 years later. It will be fine, but there are so many worries. We would wake up in the night with a new one. :<) Our daughter is just beginning this very process, and she's finding there are a million details to think about. I just sent her the lyrics to Tea for Two; romantic and really what the whole deal is about. I think the main decision is town or country. Once that is made, the whole thing is much easier. Good luck! (by the way, I am part of the couple who just met you two weeks ago at coffee hour - who said we hadn't been to church all winter because our car was out on loan to our kids).

Kurt said...

Thanks Nan for commenting and taking part in the poll!

I'd personally choose the "high anxiety" option, but it will be awhile before I can (hopefully!) say things "turned out fine."

Jen Carbonneau said...

We wont let you go back!