Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rethinking Celibacy & RC Priesthood

As a married Episcopal priest, it really isn't my place to "rethink celibacy in the Church." However, with the latest news of Father Alberto Cutie, this is big subject in popular culture.

CNN posted two commentaries, one for celibacy, one against.

The Rev. Robert Barron of Chicago writes: A case for celibacy for priests.

The Rev. Donald Cozzens of Cleveland writes: Celibacy should be rethought.

I think Cozzens argument is stronger for many reasons, but the concluding sentences really sums it up:

It should be left to the individual priest and seminarian to determine whether or not he is blessed with the gift of celibacy.

A mandated "gift," after all, is really no gift at all.

I can't resist saying that I wish Cozzens could have instead said "whether or not he or she is blessed...," but perhaps that is for yet another rethinking at another time...


rrchapman said...

"A mandated 'gift,' after all, is really no gift at all."

Let those who expect lesbians and gays to be celibate and not get married remember this, too.

Kurt said...

I agree Bob...