Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Cone of Shame"

Poor JJ, my dog, has a "hot spot." An insect, most likely a spider, bit him, and JJ's licking (that's what dogs do) wore down the hair to the raw skin.

He's recovering nicely, but he won't leave the spot alone, so now he must wear "The Cone of Shame." The helpful device keeps dogs from licking healing spots and pulling out stitches. JJ's cone is at least clear plastic so he can see better, but he really doesn't like it much. He was really pathetic at first, bumping into things, but thankfully he's maneuvering better now.

This phrase may have been around from somewhere else, but I first heard of it in Pixar's great movie Up. Here's the scene with poor Dug.

Lots of websites out there using the phrase now...another case of pop culture becoming common place language.

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