Monday, November 9, 2009

No sermons lately...

Haven't posted a sermon for the last three weeks: two of them had considerable "off text" time, in that I wasn't speaking from a text. In order to translate that type of sermon to the blog, I have to do it RIGHT AWAY...

Guess what? I didn't do it right away... :)

This past week I was not in the pulpit. The deacon here, Paul Higginson, gave an excellent sermon. I heard it at the 8AM service.

At 10AM, I spent the first half of the morning (up to the Peace) with the children of our congregation. We had an interactive talk on baptism that I really enjoyed having with them.

I'm back in the pulpit this Sunday, and I'll make sure I get that sermon up. I need to get working on it: our Diocesan Convention is this Saturday. (who am I kidding? I'll be up late/up early Sat/Sun finishing it!!!)

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