Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pointing to God

(From Marcus Borg's brilliant book: The Heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a Life of Faith, which we are studying at All Saints' Episcopal Church in Littleton, NH)

A defining characteristic of Christianity is that we find the revelation of God primarily in a person, an affirmation unique among the major religions of the world.

This makes Christianity different, not superior.

Jesus is what can be seen of God embodied in a human life. He is the revelation, the incarnation, of God’s character and passion---of what God is like and of what God is most passionate about. Jesus shows us the heart of God.

Jesus is a metaphor of God (THE metaphor of God, for Christians).

He was also a real person, but as a metaphor of God, Jesus discloses what God is like. We see God through Jesus.

The purpose of the church, of Christology, of the creed is to point us to Jesus.

Jesus then says, “It’s not about me.”

Jesus points beyond himself to God---to God’s character and passion.

(My summary, paraphrased or word from word from Chapter 5, Jesus: The Heart of God)

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