Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity

I would have loved to go to this: it's my kind of protest.

Marching for real dialogue. Committing to talk to others despite deep divisions or difference.

I believe Steward's point of the rally is that the majority of the people want to work together and respectfully hear what others have to say, but the vocal minority (who insist the other side is the enemy and less than) dominate the airways thanks to many in media who look to sensationalize the story.

I want to point out that this "vocal minority" is not necessarily the "activists" on either side: you can be very active, passionate, and looking for major changes and still do so respectfully. I think the key is checking the ego and being honest about motivation: who benefits...why is it do you feel this way, who have you listened to, and who's missing from your perspective.

It's the yelling and demonizing that Steward points out as a major part of the problem (and the press playing these things up). I happen to agree with him.

This haunts many a religious discussion as well...

Click here to read John Avlon's op-ed of the rally

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