Friday, February 18, 2011

My Testimony on Marriage Equality

I spent the entire day yesterday in Concord at the State House as a sea of red dressed supporters testified to keep Marriage Equality from being overturned in NH. Here is my submitted testimony:

February 17th, 2011

Honorable Members of the House Judiciary Committee:

My name is The Rev. Kurt C. Wiesner, and I am the rector of All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Littleton, NH.

As a minster, it is my honor and privilege to play a particular role in the covenant of marriage: I declare, on behalf of my religious community, the presence of God in the lives of two people as they publicly commit themselves to one another.

Like all ministers, I am not required by New Hampshire law to do this for anyone. I choose to bless marriages based on a couple's commitment to a lifelong journey together, and by their connection to our faith community.

I proudly do this in New Hampshire, reassured that our state provides equal protection for couples under the law: the right to make personal decisions together, the right to visit and care for each other when they are sick, and the legal rights entitled to a couple by the commitment of marriage.

Do not go back to a time where we withhold the right to love, marry, and form a family from two consenting adults based on a particular image of marriage.

Personally, my wife Darlene and I have found our marriage renewed and strengthened by witnessing gay and lesbian couples fight so hard for the right of marriage: a right that far too many people of my generation consider old-fashioned, stifling, and easily ended by divorce.

Undoing Marriage Equality would diminish, not strengthen, the covenant my wife and I have together.

I humbly ask that you reject the three bills that seek to end Marriage Equality.

Thank you.

(The Rev.) Kurt C. Wiesner

Littleton, NH


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Kate Anne said...

Hi, came to your blog for a more Facebook friendly version of Bishop Robinson's NH testimony (the ones currently in NOTES on 2 FB sites post way too much) and found YOUR testimony. With a gay brother (as well as other friends) this issue is important to me along with other basic peace and justice issues (like education and feeding the hungry instead of spending money to kill people). Anyway, I'm adding your blog to my follow list. Please keep on caring and speaking out. (I'm a member of All Saints, Sunnyside, Diocese of Long Island, fyi.) Peace hugs to you and yours!

Kurt said...

Thanks Kate Anne! Glad to have you on the blog!