Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My thoughts on the Glee "sex" episode? Afraid I can't comment...

A number of people have asked for my opinion on the most recent episode of Glee.  Two of the teen couples, as the episode's title alludes, had sex for "The First Time".  There has been heated debate over what has transpired, with the Parents Television Council up in arms over the episode, counterarguments that the conservative group is signaling out Glee because one of the couples are the same sex, and a passionate defense by creator Ryan Murphy.

I am honored that people want to know my response to the show, and the whole "religion and popular culture" thing, and my earlier Glee posts (Grilled Cheesus & Glee Fest) certainly calls for a post on the subject.

And I will be happy to do so:  after I've seen it.

I had a vestry meeting last Tuesday night, and a new episode of Glee, while certainly considered a priority, does not trump the church job!  We're a non DVR household, so when I miss an episode I go to the show's official website, where they graciously have the five most recent shows online. 

Unfortunately, FOX now has a new policy for non-Dish Network members:  you have to wait eight days to see a newly broadcast episode. 

I can understand a waiting period to watch the newest shows:  after all, they want you to watch their network broadcast.  But I have to wonder "what were they thinking" with an eight day waiting period??? There's NO WAY to get back on track unless they take a week off

So guess what I WON'T be watching tonight!

SIGH!  Well, thanks for listening to my rant, and I'll check out "The First Time" (for the first time) tomorrow.

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