Friday, March 9, 2012

Gospel of Glee (first run)

Went to Trinity Cathedral Cleveland last weekend.  I spent 7 years there on the Cathedral staff, with the flexibility to try a number of different things in the area of Christian Formation and Popular Culture.

This was my first time back "working", and I kept really busy:  extended Saturday study, a forum on Sunday, and preaching at three services.

Saturday's program was "The Gospel of Glee".  We explored the "good news" to be found in the popular show.

We looked closely at four episodes:  Preggers and Wheels, Grilled Cheesus, and Born This Way.

Preggers set the stage:  the whole episode leads up to a powerful conversation between main character Kurt and his Dad.  This was the first proof to me that Glee was more than just incredible voices and choral moments.  Wheels took a theme to another level:  the assumptions we make towards others, the moments of insight we have in teachable moments, and that good people who are thoughtful and considerate in one area still have their places where growth is needed.

Grilled Cheesus was the first close look at religion in the show.  I developed the ideas found in an earlier blog post.

Finally, Born This Way explored self-acceptance and expanded the Lady Gaga lyrics to look not only at embracing yourself, but deciding what needs to be changed and what is keeping you from living fully.  Born This Way is primarily about being honest with yourself, and getting "ON THE RIGHT TRACK BABY"!!!

I feel like there is a great deal more to develop from Glee, and I'm looking forward to more opportunities to facilitate discussions.

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