Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Viewing General Convention 2012 through the virtual world

The Episcopal Church meets for its General Convention every three years.

As an alternate Deputy from the Diocese of New Hampshire, I've had plans to travel to Indy for the last couple years.  However, life sometimes complicates things...

I have to have shoulder surgery to repair a SLAP tear of my right labrum (scheduled for Monday, after a month of PT).  This is the right time for me to do this, and unfortunately it means remaining in NH during General Convention.

I plan on updating the events of GC from afar as I can virtually discern them (at least, until my surgery).

There are lots of ways to stay informed with what is going on.

The Episcopal Cafe will have news updates and articles from people at General Convention.

The Cafe has also provided a list of bloggers (deputations and bishops) from GC.

The Episcopal Church is again offering a Media Hub for people to follow GC.

And of course, Twitter and Facebook also promise to be ablaze with commentary.

It's not the same as being there in person:  General Convention in an incredible experience, and despite its promised chaotic messiness, it is essential to our church.  (Consider Jim Naughton's article "On not being too good for General Convention").

I am grateful to all those who have journeyed to Indianapolis (and even more so to those who are hosting).

We who are there in spirit (virtually and prayerfully) will do our best to lend our ears, hearts, and minds to you.

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tonip1 said...

Sorry to hear about the injury. You'll be in my prayers on Monday.