Monday, April 14, 2014

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D./H.Y.D.R.A.: prediction on top of predictions

SPOILER ALERT:  if you aren't current as of April 11th, don't read this.

I saw Captain America:  The Winter Solider, and immediately came home and watched episode 17 of Agents of SHIELD, "Turn, Turn, Turn".

I felt really good about myself and all of my predictions:  until the last minutes of the episode.

Yes, patting my own back, I was right about Agent Garrett.  I was right that Victoria Hand was certain that Coulson was HYDRA, and that explained her closing dialogue, and she was not HYDRA.  I was right that May was reporting directly to Nick Fury.

But Ward???  STUNNED!!!

It completely makes sense:  every action of Ward's throughout the series could reasonably be seen to be an agent of HYDRA.  He weaves himself unquestionably into the team:  jumping out of the plane to save Simmons, bedding Agent May, and of course, his overprotective XO actions towards Skye (things producers Jeph Loeb and Jeffrey Bell have been saying a lot lately here and here...they've suddenly become very chatty???!!!)

It makes sense that someone on the team would be HYDRA, and revealing Ward gives two options:  he always was HYDRA, or has decided to side with his former XO because of everything that has happened.  His dialogue with Skye just before reveals either regret, or resignation that he would betraying her.  Garrett's words to Skye on how Ward has changed could be either deceptive, or probing.

I would not be that surprised if a major part of the rest of this series involves the team dealing with this betrayal.

However...I think we're being tricked again.

While I find Ward's betrayal believable (this is not Snape killing Dumbledore...I KNEW there was more to that), I am going to double down on the idea that Agents of SHIELD is duping us again.

Many have mentioned the look that Coulson gives Ward before he leaves with Garrett and Hand.  Is it possible something is set up?  No way, you might say:  HE PUT THREE BULLETS IN AGENT HAND.  Yes, he did:  but I don't believe that is exactly as it seems, because there could be more to it.

Victoria Hand chooses to blow Garrett out of the sky and commandeer the bus because she SUSPECTS Garrett and Coulston, not because she has proof.  She is overly cautious, and she trusts almost no one, because she knows HYDRA hides out in the open.  Her speech to Simmons is persuasive in selling that point.

We are supposed to believe that Hand then makes herself vulnerable, giving Ward a gun because she suddenly decides Garrett has to die?  Remember that Ward "let his emotions get the best of him" in shooting who he thought (but wasn't) the Clairvoyant:  a major reason she suspected Coulson in the first place?!!!

Hand seems to be one who calculates, not someone who on a whim decides to let Ward take care of things, giving him the opportunity to betray them all.

I think that Hand has prepared for this moment, to a certain extent.  Marvel's universe is known for having clones, and this is where it happens.  Ward killed a clone of Victoria Hand, in order to infiltrate HYDRA.

It's the perfect cover:  Ward was already facing a inquiry for killing the "Clairvoyant", he is close to Garrett, and now has killed Hand in cold blood.  He is a triple agent:  and still Coulson's man.  

Or he's not, and I'm wrong.


tonip1 said...

don't think you are wrong although it would be a bold move on the writers' part if you are. I really love this show too!

Kurt said...

I agree Toni: I hope they commit to Ward being HYDRA. But I also have no problem if they make it complicated: perhaps he's conflicted and not necessarily "evil". They have certainly suggested that his motivation is owing Garrett "everything". Last episode moves him in that direction to not being a triple agent: I hope it's real...

Juanita's Journal said...

Nope. Ward was HYDRA and Victoria Hand is dead.

Kurt said...

True: and good for them for sticking to that, as I said above. I still don't find Hand's action of handing Ward the gun believable, but they sure produced a "No way!" Moment!