Thursday, July 9, 2009

Episcopal Church GC: Wednesday

I'm in NH, keeping tabs on the work of the General Convention in Anaheim.

The official Daily Wrap is available here from Episcopal Life online.

Archbishop addresses Convention on Global Economics
From the Episcopal Life online article by Matthew Davies:

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, addressing the Convention in a forum called The Christian Faithfulness in the Global Economic Crisis, described the economic downturn as a "crisis of truthfulness."

Williams said, "We have suddenly discovered we have been lying to ourselves. For the last decade or more there has been a steady erosion of trust in our financial life. Our word has not been our bond. We have learned to tolerate high levels of evasion and anti-relational practices.

"We have lied to ourselves about the possibility of profit without risk. We have lied to ourselves consistently about the possibility of limitless material growth in a limited world. We have denied precisely that ubuntu that this convention seeks to venerate and reinforce," Williams added, referring to the convention theme that emphasizes the interconnectedness of people in community.

“The task before us as people of faith is to name this as a crisis of truthfulness and to challenge ourselves about the truth and above all to live in the truth."

Deputies adopt mission priorities for 2010-2012
From the EpiscopalLife online article by Mary Frances Schjonberg and Melodie Woerman

The House of Deputies adapted the Anglican Communion's Five Marks of Mission

Here are the five priorities proposed by the House of Deputies

Networking the members of the body of Christ
* Establishing and supporting collaborative efforts within and among dioceses and congregations to promote vibrant ministry in service to God's mission
* Structuring healthy relationships with overseas dioceses of The Episcopal Church and those Anglican provinces historically related to The Episcopal Church, clarifying commitments with firm timelines and establishing necessary accountability
* Promoting partnerships with other dioceses and churches of the Anglican Communion, encouraging multi-diocese mission efforts that reduce redundancy and enhance relationships both domestic and foreign
* Advancing ecumenical relationships and collaborations

Alleviating poverty and injustice
* Inspiring and modeling a genuine commitment to the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals.
* Addressing, domestically and abroad, the challenges and consequences of a failing global economy
* Advocating for and working to provide education, healthcare, employment, housing, and equal rights for all of God's beloved
* Promoting environmental sustainability and stewardship of creation

Claiming our identity
* Exploring and discovering who we are as the Episcopal Church, within the comprehensive reality of our complex culture and in relationship to others
* Educating about Episcopal Church governance and polity, forming at all ages our Christian, Episcopal, and Anglican identity
* Telling Christ's story and our story, utilizing current technology and a vibrant contemporary communications network

Growing congregations and the next generations of faith
* Establishing lifelong Christian formation throughout the Church, with specific support of youth and young adults
* Making evangelists of all communicants
* Teaching and developing the spiritual discipline of giving
* Providing discernment and formation of lay and ordained ministries
* Supporting congregational vitality and development, with particular attention to immigrant, indigenous, and underserved populations

Strengthening governance and foundations for ministry
* Inspiring and developing sound leadership at all levels of the Church
* Moving from programmatic structures to ministry networks
* Collaborating with seminaries and dioceses to restructure and retool theological education for a changing church
* Reviewing provincial and diocesan configurations and composition
* Assuring standards of accountability and measurement of outcome
* Providing legal and operational support for dioceses in transition or litigation

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