Monday, July 13, 2009

Episcopal General Convention: What is D025?

D025 is the resolution passed by the House of Deputies at the Episcopal Church 2009 General Convention that suggests the way forward from B033 (from the 2006 GC)

It is intended to:
  • Reaffirm our commitment to the Anglican Communion
  • State our desire to remain in the highest degree of communion with other Anglican provinces
  • Pledge to participate in contributing to the Communion budget
  • Remind the church of the relationship values established in 2000-D039
  • Recognize the response of LGBT Episcopalians to God’s call to service
  • Affirm that God has called and may call partnered gay and lesbian people to any ordained ministry and that their call will be tested by the discernment process provided for in our canons
  • Acknowledge that we are not all of one mind about this
(from Walking With Integrity website)

This will now be taken up by the House of Bishops.

Here is the resolution in full
(Thanks "Father T")

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