Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It's my favorite holiday: any day U2 releases a new album. Not only new music, but a concert tour not far behind!!! Been watching them play around the world on the web. Will comment on the new album as soon as I've listened to it ten times through or so....


Scott said...

I've been listening to it stream off of MySpace for the last week or so. What a fantastic album!

Kurt said...

I've been trying to avoid the leaks (except for performances by the band). Listened through 2 times so far...thought there were some cool & interesting moments the first time, but I really grooved on the whole album the second time through

Scott said...

The MySpace thing wasn't a leak. It was their website that was streaming it.

Favorite thus far:

1. No Line
2. Unknown Caller
3. White as Snow