Thursday, March 26, 2009

U2 Concerts

I now have tickets to see U2 twice in September. Meeting up with my friend Jason (who got the tickets in the pre-sale) and my friend Chris (who I've know since preschool) and his wife to stand outside Soldier Field in Chicago all day with our General Admission tickets so we can get as close to the stage to stand all night at the concert. Last time Jason I did this was in Pittsburgh in 2005...very cold standing outside, but we were rewarded with the front row in front of Adam Clayton.

Darlene and I will see them again a week later in Boston (this time in seats).

Seeing U2 is a pilgrimage...the waiting around all day, listening to the music and talking with other fans, until "church starts." A night with U2 is a night exploring our common humanity through common song...a special liturgy of sorts!

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